Helping Make The American Dream a Reality

Moving to the United States can be an exciting opportunity full of promise for you and your family, but the United States immigration system is known for being complex and confusing.  Due to the United States' ever-changing immigration laws and requirements, it makes it difficult to gain lawful entry into the United States.  One mistake or missed deadline can delay your entire immigration process, but Houston immigration attorney Daniel Valdez is here to help.  Valdez Legal Advocacy handles a wide variety of immigration matters such as adjustment of status, citizenship and naturalization, consular processing, and removal of 2-year green card conditions.

All immigration cases are different which require unique approaches.   Valdez Legal Advocacy understands this and takes the smallest details concerning your case into consideration in an effort to find the best strategy for you.  Call us today at 1-888-VLA-PLLC to schedule a consultation or book now by clicking below to discuss your immigration needs.